Travis Coon – Team Artist

Name:  Travis coon

Birth date:9/29/92

Hometown: Truckee, CA


Yrs in Art: since i can remember

Artist Highlights: creating anything that gets people stoked on life

Instagram/FB Name: instagram @tahoetcoon art instagram @chroniczombieart

Interests/Hobbies: Snowboarding/Skateboarding Fishing

Things Like/Things Don’t Like: i like just being in the mountains and doing things with my friends and family.  I dont like being bored or not feeling free

Favorite Saying: COWABUNGA!!!!!

#1 Thing On Bucket List:
. snowboard my whole life
. climb some of the highest peaks in the U.S including mt denali
. Take my art as far as possible
. Explore and fish around the world
. Be the best person i possibly can!
Favorite Music: I like most music with the exception of dubstep and some techno

Favorite Record: there’s too many but to name a few Jimi hendrix, are you experienced, metallica kill em all and the black album, every black sabbath album  Action bronson mr wonderful…ect

Favorite Sports: snowboarding skateboarding and Hockey

Favorite Super Hero: my Dad

Whos Your Favorite Artist: Rick griffin

What do you like about Fresh Air: im always stoked to see when a company is more than a business but a family. Fresh air was born in the mountains and that speaks through everything they do, from the hats they make, the stickers they print, to the attitude of everyone involved. This company is truly a breath of fresh air!–


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