Kaleb Frankhuisen – Team Rider/Skier

Name: Kaleb Frankhuisen

Birth Date: 03/05/97
Hometown: Livingston, Montana
Email: kaleb.frankhuisen@Yahoo.com
Years Skiing: 12
Athlete Highlights:  Moving to California
Instagram Name: kaleb_frankhuisen8
Interests/ Hobbies:  Anything Exciting/ Creative
Things I like/ Don’t Like: Food,Music,friends /snakes
Favorite saying:  “Go Stupid”- Mac Dre
#1 thing on Bucket List: Give a lion a High Five
Favorite Sports: skiing, skateboarding
Favorite Superhero: Mr. Fantastic
What do you like about Fresh Air:  The meaning of the company – to promote the growth of the environmentally conscious society and the positive lifestyle.


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