Blair Tucker Esson – Team Rider/Snowboarder

Name: Blair Tucker Esson

Birth date: April 21st, 1993

Hometown: Donner Summit


Yrs Riding: 17 Athlete Highlights: Deaflympics Gold Medalists

Instagram Name: @blair_esson_

Interests/Hobbies: Crystals Mining & Outdoor Adventures

Things Like/Things Don’t Like: Like to make the people smile. Don’t like to do dealing arguments with people.

Favorite Saying: “You Drop A Smile!”

#1 Thing On Bucket List: Heli Boarding

Favorite Music: Bob Marley

Favorite Sports: Wrestling

Favorite Super Hero: Ghost Rider

What do you like about Fresh Air:  They’re a local business. Using creativity in their art. Only use environmental friendly materials to produce their clothing.  Their clothing line is sick!


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