Alex Rubio – Team Rider/ BMX

Name: Alex Rubio

Birth date: June 15th 1986

Hometown: Apple Valley, CA


Yrs Riding/Driving: 16 years riding bmx

Athlete Highlights: When my daughters got to watch me perform a bmx demo in front of thousands of people. They were happy and it made me feel proud.

Instagram Name: @rubio_ridesbmx hit that follow button!

Interests/Hobbies: My beautiful kids, baseball, hockey, skateboarding.

Things Like/Things Don’t Like: I like Pabst Blue Ribbon, pizza, jalapeños, bmx, watching my kids be goofy, spending every moment with my kids, ice cold water and hot sauce on everything lol. I dislike possums, yams, grown men riding scooters, the New York Rangers and dead beat dads.

Favorite Saying: “hit Em’ wit it!”

#1 Thing On Bucket List: To watch my kids grow into the most successful amazing souls they are going to be.

Favorite Music: Hardcore, metal, reggae, screamo, old school gangster rap!

Favorite Sports: Hockey, baseball and of course BMX

Favorite Super Hero: Batman cause he’s a baller! Haha

What do you like about Fresh Air: The homie vibe, chill environment and of course the fresh ass gear!



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